Love Your News Stream? Pitchengine is Preparing to Open the Technology to Communities Everywhere

What started as a single, experimental News Stream called County 10 ™ in Fremont County, Wyoming has grown into the state's leading news source with more than 7.5 million page views per month across seven different communities. Today, Pitchengine announced plans to open the platform to outside publishers who want to replicate the model in their own communities and make a living at the same time. From existing, small town newspapers and other media outlets to first-time publishers with a passion for telling stories, Pitchengine plans to facilitate the connection of communities everywhere by serving as an ecosystem for publishers, advertisers and readers. "...we set out to beat newspapers, but along the way, we realized we may have just found a way to save them," said Jason Kintzler , Pitchengine's Founder and CEO." Read the full announcement here via Pitchengine . *Feature Photo: Pitchengine Founder and CEO Jason Kintzler, Pitchengine Communities* #bootstrapped #county10 #oilcity #buckrail #reboot #county17 #shortgo #dally #news