What are Wyoming Influencers reading this Summer?

Bootstrapped has reached out to influencers from businesses around Wyoming to find out what books have made their Summer reading list. John Gans, Executive Director for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Lander shared one of his recent reads with us: "I'm reading *Thinking Fast and Slow *by Daniel Kahneman - This isn't exactly a business book, but it is filled with insights for anyone in business, on how the mind works. It will change the way you think on the job, how you evaluate decisions and how you navigate the world." Gans added, "Interesting enough, my son Noah (16) bought this book for me.... it was a good pick." [image: thinking slow and fast.png] John began his NOLS career in 1981 as an instructor. In 1984, he was named director of NOLS Alaska before directing the marketing and admission department and then becoming director of operations. NOLS has also been recognized nine times as one of the best employers in the country under John's leadership. In 2012, John was recognized by President Barack Obama, as a White House Champion of Change for his commitment to youth, wilderness and leadership. John and his wife, Stephanie Kessler, have three children. They reside in Lander, Wyoming. (Feature Pic: h/t Brad Christensen)