Inspired Marketing - the topic at Digital Lunch for businesses today

Hosted at Pitchengine's headquarters in Lander, Digital Lunch is the name for a series of local monthly business gatherings designed to spark conversation about what's working in the modern marketing world. [image: DigitalLunch.jpg] "Marketing is a fast-moving space with new best-practices evolving daily. It's great to interact with local business owners to facilitate a conversation that shares perspectives on what's working to connect their business in the community," said Jason Kintzler, CEO for Pitchengine. "It's easy to fall into the rut of doing the same old processes. We like challenging those conventions. Inspiring better marketing has always been our primary mission, so these lunches are right in line with that." "With over 700 businesses partnering with Pitchengine the past few years, we weren't able to simply invite all to our small Main street location," explained Fabian Lobera, COO. "We intentionally limited attendance for this first session as we drill in on a format and attendance level that optimizes the interaction. We can envision future sessions that are tailored specifically to industries like retail, healthcare, real estate or hospitality, for example." Click here to let us know if your business is interested in attending future sessions. [image: IMG_4995.jpg] [image: IMG_4987.jpg] *(Feature Pic: Jason Kintzler, CEO shares latest best practices in Marketing)* #bootstrapped #news #county10