States Training Funds seen as effective in increasing wages

The Workforce Development Training Fund (WDTF) is a program that helps employers provide training in their organizations. It funds three different types of grants to address workforce training needs: Business Training Grants, Pre-Hiring Economic Development Grants and Pre-Obligation Grants. The Research & Planning (R&P) section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has conducted an impact evaluation of the Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund to answer the following questions: - Do WDTF participants earn higher wages after training than they would without training? - Do trained workers remain in the workforce longer? The R&P analyzed data on new and existing position applications from 2006Q2 to 2014Q2. Below is a break out of the applications by training and industry type: *Training Type* [image: training type.png] *Industry Type* [image: industry.png] *Note*: The only public sector organizations eligible for grants are county hospitals. Employers were asked to answer what the purpose of the training grants was. Here are their responses: [image: survey.png] *The summary findings*: "Mean quarterly wage difference of WDTF participants from 2007Q2 ($929) was statistically significantly higher than the mean quarterly wage difference of the control group ($17). An analysis of each of the WDTF training cohorts from 2006Q3 to 2011Q4 indicated that WDTF participants from 15 of the 22 cohorts experienced a greater average quarterly wage increase from the base period to the post-training period than each control group from that particular year and quarter." Full report here. #bootstrapped #news