Finished your Botox course? Start telling people

You have done it! You have finished your Botox course – something that you may not have thought you would ever be able to do, and it’s an achievement that many will be envious of. After all, it is not everyone who can get accepted onto a Botox course, let alone complete one. It takes a fair amount of skill and intelligence to be able to receive their Botox certification, and so you have now joined the ranks of people who are able to legally – and hopefully, excellently! – offer Botox injections to anyone.

But now that you have finished your Botox course, it is not so simple as simply deciding that you are going to be a popular and accepted Botox administrator. It often takes time to build up a positive reputation, and it could take months, if not years to be able to build up a client list that can keep you going. Word of mouth only spreads so fast, and you will find that even a Botox course cannot prepare you for the suspicion that you will come up against in people who do not truly understand what Botox is or why anyone would want to use it.

That means that you need to start telling people, and that is often easier said than done. After all, if you were really excellent at marketing and enjoyed it, the chances are you would be in a marketing job, and not completing a Botox training course! However, pitchengine is a brilliant place to come and start to get the tools that you need in order to start telling hundreds, if not thousands of people about your new Botox services. Once you have committed to opening up your own Botox clinic there are plenty of things to shout about, including:

1. Where you are

There’s no point in people considering you if they have no idea where you are actually based! Make sure that your location and your address are clearly focused on in your campaigns, so that even if someone catches just a snipped, they can easily find you – and tell other people where you are.

2. What you are offering

Explain clearly and succinctly which different treatments you offer. Every Botox administrator does something slightly different, and you may intrigue people by telling them about a Botox type of treatment that they have not heard of before. You may even want to tell them about any special offers that you are doing, such as half price or book one treatment, get the next one with 20% off.

3. Where you were taught

Your Botox course is still going to be useful to you, even now. If you have been smart, and chosen one with a respectable teacher or from a highly acclaimed school, then your Botox injection program is something to be proud of and will help to legitimize you as a new Botox administrator.

4. Why you should be trusted

It may sound strange, but you need to spell out exactly why it is that someone should trust you – and not just because your mom does! Explain how many procedures you have done before, how much success you have had, how happy your patients have become thanks to your technique.

It can be difficult, starting a new business from scratch, and when you have to gain people’s trust it can feel as though it is totally impossible. However, if you make sure that you are educating your new potential customers with these four points, and doing it through pitchengine so that you reach huge numbers of people, you will find that over time, your Botox career really starts to take off!