The Art of Music Making is Back

Virginia Beach, VA, September 29, 2016 - New music from musical artist Brandon Jarod will soon be released with his latest, hit single! Brandon is a self-taught, naturally talented musician and has been working tirelessly for 12 years in order to perfect his sound, technique, and craftsmanship on the guitar. This hard work and dedication has paid off as Brandons guitar skills are superb; this is especially evident in his newest release. His recent single titled "Kiss Me" offers a prime example of his talent as well as his unique sound. "Kiss Me" stands out from his previous work in every way, shape, and form. The release of his latest single proves that he is a versatile artist, willing to take on innovative avenues with his music. Fans are sure to love this new addition to Brandons work, as it is a heartfelt song with a cool feel and modern sound. The music and lyrics of "Kiss Me" are fresh and fit in with popular musical styles today. The song begins with quiet simplicity featuring Brandon singing in his clear, gifted voice and steadily develops into a flow of soft complexity.

Brandon Jarod has two previous albums that are filled with creative, well-thought lyrics, and a solid sound that exudes his love for music. With each project Brandon gives the endeavor his full attention. His attention to detail and fine-tuning every element of the song brings the music to life. "Kiss Me" is sure to last the ages and become one of the most beloved songs by Brandon for his fans everywhere.

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Brandon Jarod