Bay Area Brewskee-Ball®

Competitive Skee-Ball League Expands to Oakland

After a decade of rolling skee-balls, making lots of Skee-puns, and competing for Skee-Ball® glory at dive bars in San Francisco, Brewskee-Ball®, a nation-wide competitive Skee-Ball League is expanding to Oakland. At its core, Brewskee-Ball is an adult social sports league where teams have a ton of fun playing Skee-Ball®. Teams of three players compete in weekly matches while keeping statistics via an app and vying for trophies during a "skeeson" (yes, there are a lot of puns). The winners at the end of a skeeson will chug from the "Brewskee-Mug" and win bragging rights until next skeeson.

Where to Play Brewskee-Ball?

  • Trademark bar in SoMa on Mondays
  • Slate bar in the Mission on Wednesdays
  • Payback bar in Oakland on Tuesdays (new league location)

How to Play?

  • Teams of 3 (or join as a Skee-Agent)
  • 8 Week Skeeson with playoffs
  • Pick your night/location & witty name
  • Fill out this >>> Sign-up Entry Form <<<

When to Play?

  • League Kickoff Parties - January 14th-16th
  • League Play Starts January 22nd
  • Registration Deadline: February 19th

Kick-off & Registration Sign-up Parties:

For more information visit:

About Brewskee-Ball

Brewskee-Ball™ is dedicated to re-inventing the game of Skee-Ball™ for adults in a modern and exciting new way. Since establishing the first-ever competitive Skee-Ball league in New York City back in 2005, Brewskee-Ball has fashioned a loyal network of teams, players and fans across the country. Brewskee-Ball is currently played in Brooklyn NY, San Francisco CA, Los Angeles CA, Wilmington NC, Philadelphia PA and Austin TX - "from skee to shining skee". Brewskee-Ball has propelled the old-timey game of Skee-Ball into the mainstream by transforming it into a bar game, making it an integral part of adult social life, as well as a sanctioned competitive sport. More Brewskee-Ball cities rolling soon!