Superior Masonry Materials at Brick 1 Masonry

Any local brick contractors in Tulsa, OK would highly recommend that home owners choose masonry materials for their building needs. As a group, masonry building materials have so many different advantages compared to other materials such as wood and plastic. And this is apparent with the many structures famous for their masonry built. From the Great Wall of China, the ancient Egyptian Pyramids, to the Roman Coliseum in Italy, history has proven that time and time again, masonry materials have stood the test of time and weather. And they are still, much as they were centuries ago, favored for building with.

Masonry materials come in all forms and shapes. There’s a great variety to what a home owner can use for building and developing their homes. Contractors from Brick 1 Masonry have an incredible list of masonry materials to choose from.

The key to choosing the perfect material all depends on the home owner’s purpose to build. Each different masonry choice provides different advantages, and these are features that have long been loved and appreciated by not just the local brick contractors in Tulsa, OK, but many other masonry contractors around the country as well. This appreciation has driven the contractors at Brick 1 Masonry to provide the best quality masonry building for their community.

Masonry materials offer so much for long term home owners. They are known to be capable to last for thousands of years, for as long as they are built using the correct techniques. The contractors at Bricks 1 Masonry have dedicated a system of continuously acquiring knowledge about the best and most effective ways of using masonry materials in building. They have built a company that has received incredible reviews and feedback, and this isn’t surprising as their talented contractors are known for their incredible skills and ability to handle masonry materials just as they should be handled. The way they do it elevates and guarantees that every feature of each different material will definitely shine. Therefore, home owners can make the most of the incredible features when using stone, concrete or bricks for their homes.

Masonry is the ancient science of using stones to build, and Brick 1 Masonry offers a great variety of masonry materials, each with their own unique features and characteristics.

1. Bricks

Brick contractors in Tulsa, OK are known to highly recommend bricks for home building for its unique features. One of the most prominent reasons for its popularity is its ability to stand the test of time. Bricks are known to be able to last up to 5000 years of built well, regardless of weather. It is wind and water resistant, a natural thermal insulator, and bricks are known to absorb and release moisture to help avoid humidity in homes. Its natural features also helps save energy by effectively maintaining temperatures inside structures. And at Brick 1 Masonry, their contractors provide every piece of information home owners need to know about bricks, to guarantee that they understand the many perks of using this masonry material.

2. Stone

Stone is also similar to brick in its characteristics. It is known to last thousands of years for as long as it is built with the proper techniques. It is durable, can withstand years of weather and wind abuse, whilst still holding and sustaining its structure and strength. And one other incredible advantage that makes it a highly recommended building material for homes is that it is both water and fire resistant. It can withstand high temperatures without breaking apart for hours. It can also keep water and moisture outside of homes with absolutely no problem.

3. Concrete blocks

Concrete walls built with concrete blocks are known for their great ability to keep warmth or cold air inside a house. It is also extremely easy and fast to build concrete walls compared to other masonry materials. This may just be one of the more popular ways of using masonry in every city or town in the country, and it’s not a coincidence. The ease of using concrete is exactly why it is recommended by Brick 1 Masonry for a faster building process.

Brick 1 Masonry and their highly skilled and talented brick contractors in Tulsa, OK are dedicated to provide the best techniques that highlights all the many great advantages of building homes using masonry. They guarantee the best for every project, every customer, and every opportunity they have to use masonry. For more details, call them at 918-698-3573 or visit