All LCR-and ESR-meters and Test Tweezers on Sale for September from Siborg.

Siborg Systems Inc. is offering 10% off all of the LCR- and ESR-meters, as well as all their Test Tweezers devices until the end of September, 2016. The sales pricing is available through the LCR-Reader Store and Siborg's Amazon sales channels.

Since the 90's, Siborg has offered test equipment for the semiconductor and electronics industries. The most recognizable device to date is the Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader LCR- and ESR-meters that incorporate a lightweight multimeter with a set of tweezers in an easy-to-use device. This combination allows users to hold the device like a pen and grasp and hold components, either mounted or loose, with only one hand for testing. When the device is in contact with a component, it analyzes the component and decides the best test parameter for the type of component. All measurement results are instantly made available on the embedded display, including any secondary values, the type of component and test frequency used. 

The best selling device in Siborg's lineup is the LCR-Reader Pro, a task kit that includes the lower-cost device that provides an alternative to Smart Tweezers without sacrificing function or accuracy. This kit also includes an NIST traceable calibration certificate, spare bent tweezer probes, spare battery and charger. This kit is available for $216.00USD until the end of September in the LCR-Reader Store. 

Based on the popular Smart Tweezers models, the LCR-Reader was created as a cheaper version for non-professionals who were looking for a similar device without the high price. Siborg achieved a lower price by removing some features, while keeping a high basic accuracy of 0.5%. One issue professionals had with LCR-Reader was the availability of traceable calibration; to remedy this, Siborg worked with Novosibirsk branch of the Russian School of Sciences in creating a calibration fixture that could handle the full range of components. After this calibration fixture was verified, Siborg was able to offer calibration, thus, making the LCR-Reader Pro the best selling kit.

Siborg's other popular device is the Smart Tweezers line of devices. The most recent, the ST-5S, offers users the highest basic accuracy of 0.2% and most amount of features and functions, including semi-automatic offset subtraction, variable tolerances, continuity/diode/short testing and adjustable test signal levels. This device is controlled with a joy-stick like navigation that allows users to switch basic functions from the home screen.

The newest offering from Siborg is the ST5S-BT, a Bluetooth enabled model of Smart Tweezers ST-5S. The device is able to connect to computer (with required USB dongle), and dedicated apps to send data to communication software that can later be processed or referenced. All data is sent in a comma separated string of values that represents what is shown on the display at the time of measurement. The ability to remotely record measurement values is ultimately efficient for those who require quality control or create quick references for past measurements.

With tweezer probes being more efficient than using both hands to work wire leads, Siborg has begun offering more products that make testing SMT more time-efficient. These products include:

  • Smart LED Test Tweezers: a device that is designed mainly for testing surface-mount and through-hole LEDS, but is also able to test circuitry, fuses, components and more. When testing LEDS, the device uses a 12VDC output with variable current ratings. Using the included connector cable, Smart LED Test Tweezers can be connected to a multimeter to be used as tweezer-probes.
  • SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers: these handy tweezers connect to most multimeters to become the probes. They are best used for measurements that do not require high accuracy.
  • LCR-Reader Probe Connector: this extension kit turns any LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers device into a Probe Station, allowing the device to measure components that are larger than the tweezer-spacing. The set comes with 7 different easy-to-change attachments, including: spade connector, medium and short pin-probes, multimeter connector and alligator clips.

Visit the LCR-Reader Store or Siborg's Amazon sales channels for your chance to save 10% on all of Siborg's devices until September 30th, 2016.