Blind Technique

How to Make Your Conservatory Cosier

A common problem with a lot of homes is the fact it has a fantastic conservatory space, but it is decorated to a poor standard. This often means that the owners are not getting everything out of the conservatory – which is a big waste! If you think that your home is in this position, you can make some small adjustments which will allow you to make your conservatory a much cosier and more comfortable space.

Window Blinds

When we have to deal with the chillier spring evenings, a good set of window blinds are fantastic option to add some natural warmth to the room, and they can also be great to offer some shade from the sun during the summer. When choosing the best conservatory blinds a great option are woodweave ones, as they are better when wanting to block out any cold weather, which helps create a cosier space.


Having some toned-down lighting in your conservatory is a key aspect of making in cosy. There a number of ways the lighting in a conservatory can enhance the cosiness, but one of the best ways is to have some lamps and fairy lights around the room to create a nice calming feel.


Traditionally, conservatory furniture has been dominated by wicker and rattan varieties. These are so popular as they can offer a wonderful connection between the garden and your indoor space, which is great for having a cosy space in the summer. Additionally, they are very durable but they are incredibly durable and they come in warm, inviting colours, which sets the tone for the entire room.

Add a bookshelf

As you would expect, this one only works if you have the space, but there are fewer furniture items which enhance cosiness more than a bookshelf. The reason for this is that they have the ability to add a certain atmosphere to a room that instantly makes you feel calm and relaxed. It can