Hole Bowl to bring interactive and social experience to Jackson in Winter 2016

*Pitchengine Communties Photo* (Jackson, Wyo.) - It was negative 20 degrees outside on a Sunday afternoon in January. Local Jackson resident Jessica MacGregor was searching for an indoor activity for her three young children and there weren't many options. This is where she got the idea for Hole Bowl. Growing up in a small town, MacGregor has fond memories of meeting her friends at the local bowling alley as a way to be social and interactive at the same time. "It is what a lot of people grew up doing," said MacGregor. After that day, MacGregor began the three-year planning process that lead up to Hole Bowl. She hired a professional consultant to come out to help her and her husband Alex MacGregor determine the feasibility of a bowling alley in Jackson. Once the experts told them that a bowling alley would be popular in the area, they began working with a local realtor to find the 15,000 square foot space they needed. "Bill Van Gelder at Sotheby's Real Estate is the one that got us into the spot that we are now, which is where Emerg-A-Care and Jackson Hole Lighting used to be," said MacGregor. The plans for Hole Bowl include 10 bowling lanes, eight that are public and two that are reserved for private parties. It will also have an arcade, pool tables, ping pong tables, a full bar, casual healthy food, a lounge and televisions. "I just really felt that raising three children in Jackson, there weren't enough indoor activities available for anybody -- whether it is children, the elderly or young adults looking for something to do," she said. Hole Bowl is currently under construction at 980 W. Broadway near Lucky's and is set to open in the winter of 2016. "For people who haven't bowled in a while in newer venues, I think are going to be surprised at how comfortable and chic we made it," said MacGregor. "This is not your old school bowling alley." "I think people are going to be really excited that we have this. It is a long time coming," MacGregor added. #buckrail