Lower Valley Energy warns of utility phone scam

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Lower Valley Energy advises local residents of a phone scam involving utility customers receiving phone calls warning of immediate disconnection without payment over the phone. "It [the scam] is a tough one, because you can get a call from us if your account is delinquent," said Brian Tanabe from Lower Valley Energy. Tanabe said that those who are delinquent on their utility bill will get notices prior to a call from Lower Valley Energy. The company recommends that those who receive a call about this and believe it is an error, hang up and call Lower Valley Energy directly at 307-733-2446. "This is not a new issue," said Tanabe. "It isn't something that happens in big numbers, but it happens once in a while." "If it feels not right, hang up and call us back," he added. #buckrail