Pearl Street Bagels founder opens Jackalope

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The small storefront in the Smith's Plaza is a little hard to spot against the myriad of stores in the area, but once you walk in, you are transported to a toy paradise. Maggie Gibson opened Jackalope at the beginning of October. At its core it's a toy store, but they also sells art supplies, jewelry, baby items, paper goods, books, and gifts for men and woman. [image: Inline image 1] This isn't Gibson's first business in Jackson. In 1990, she and her husband opened Pearl Street Bagels. In 2008, the Gibsons sold Pearl Street Bagels to three employees and Maggie Gibson took some time off to raise her children. "I have always had a toy store in the back of my mind, even when we opened Pearl Street Bagels," said Gibson. "But at that time Jackson had Broadway Toys and one toy store was enough for this town." "At this point, I felt like there was nothing of this variety serving the south end of town," Gibson added. "And I love being on the bike path, being right here in the Smiths Plaza and near the schools." Gibson found the space that used to be a tanning salon and converted it into Jackalope. The store is packed with colorful gifts, trees adorning the isles and a reading nook. "I just really enjoyed the creative process of putting the store together," said Gibson. She also wanted Jackalope to appeal to the local creatives. "There is no longer an art store in town so I have a little art department," she said. "I sell some complete crafts as well as raw materials like acrylics, watercolors and oils. I am hoping to expand that as I learn more about what the community's needs are." Jackalope is located at 1325 S US Highway 89, Suite 106 in the Smith's Plaza and is open Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. "I am hoping for it to be a fun shopping experience for everyone to find something that makes them laugh," said Gibson. "It is meant to be welcoming and for kids to touch things and explore." *Feature Photo: Jackalope owner Maggie Gibson / Pitchengine Communities Photo* #buckrail