START to consider providing airport transportation

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today at the START Advisory Board meeting, officials discussed the possibility of providing transportation services for the Jackson Hole Airport. Alltrans informed the Jackson Hole Airport on October 15 that they will not continue to provide services, including the popular Ride2Fly shuttle, for the airport. Since the announcement, the airport has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for transportation services. “I have met with the airport manager and they are looking at us as a possible provider,” said Transit Director Darren Brugmann in the meeting today. According to Brugmann, the idea of the START system providing airport transportation has been brought up in the past, but they were limited on resources such as vehicles and employees. Brugmann is working with the airport to determine the type of services they are looking for and what ridership numbers they anticipate. Currently, according to Brugmann, START doesn't have the busses or personnel to provide airport services. One of the solutions Brugmann presented was leasing temporary vehicles, but that doesn't address the personnel issue. "Us [START] jumping in and doing it immediately would be difficult," said Brugmann. During the county liaison report, County Commissioner Paul Vogelheim stated that, "The Ride2Fly program has been very successful and it is disappointing that Alltrans pulled out. It great to hear that there is some interest from START." Brugmann stated during the meeting that he is planning to attend the pre-proposal meeting about the Airport transportation RFP this afternoon. “This is a community concern,” he said. "We want to do whatever we can." *Feature Photo: START Advisory Board Meeting today.* #buckrail