Public discussion about ungulate migration corridors has begun

Dozens of interested individuals expressed their views to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regarding ungulate migration corridors and Commission recommendations. The Commission was also updated on emerging research on the migration of ungulates like mule deer and pronghorn in Wyoming. The presentations earlier this month will lead to further discussions about conservation efforts for migration corridors. Related to big game migration corridors, Game and Fish is not a regulatory entity, but can make wildlife habitat related recommendations to land management agencies. The Commission has a policy in place related to what the Department should recommend to federal land managers for oil and gas development. That policy states the importance of migration corridors and asks for no surface occupancy of oil and gas development in corridors narrower than a half mile and for corridors more than half a mile wide it asks for not more than four well pads per square mile. Which corridors this applies to is not well defined currently. “The Commission expressed its desire for more details about the research on migration by deer, elk and pronghorn. They also want to better understand how Game and Fish recommendations influence on the ground oil and gas development. We look forward to continuing to supply good information to the Commission and to seek further public input,” said Game and Fish Deputy Director John Kennedy. The Commission will continue its discussion at its January meeting in Cheyenne. #buckrail #reboot #county10 #dally #oilcity #county17 #shortgo