Wyoming won't accept "lackluster" system for allowing Syrian refugees

Gov. Matt Mead has joined at least 27 other states in refusing to accept Syrian refugees for the time being. President Barrack Obama announced in September that he would allow 10,000 refugees in the next year into the U.S., but many states are fighting back. Part of the pushback comes from the recent revelation that one of the Paris attackers is believed to have been among the wave of recent refugees arriving in Europe. “No state should have to endure the threat of terrorists entering our borders,” Governor Mead said today. “The President needs to make certain an absolutely thorough vetting system is in place that will not allow terrorists from Syria or any other part of the world into our country. In light of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, I have joined other governors in demanding the refugee process be halted until it is guaranteed to provide the security demanded by Wyoming and United States citizens. I have written the President to make it known Wyoming will not accept a lackluster system that allows terrorists to slip through the cracks.” Mead and other governors are set to have a conference call with the President this afternoon. Below is the complete text of Mead's letter to Obama. "This country was made strong by immigration. Since World War II, our country has had a refugee program that has provided sanctuary from war-torn parts of the world. Both the immigration program and the refugee program require the certainty that terrorists from Syria or any part of the world will not be allowed into our country. "Wyoming does not have a refugee program so we are left to the vetting process done by the United Nations, your administration and other states. Wyoming will not accept a system that allows terrorists from any country in our state. In light of the horrific terrorist attacks a few days ago in Paris, I ask you to halt the refugee process until it provides the security promised to and demanded by all Wyoming and United States citizens." #buckrail #reboot #county10 #oilcity #dally #county17 #shortgo