The legend of the Jenny Lake Flip Flop-Loving Fox

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Have you ever had your flip flops mysteriously disappear while out on Jenny Lake? Well now you may have an answer to what happened to them. Last month, Tenley Thompson and her husband Dan Bowen decided to go paddleboarding on Jenny Lake. Since it was October in Grand Teton National Park and there were few people around, they chose to leave their flip flops near a log at the Jenny Lake Boat Landing. "We were out for an hour and a half. When we headed back, and were about 100 yards out from the boat landing, we noticed a young fox and in his month was my flip flop!" said Thompson. "He started to trot away so we yelled for him to stop." [image: Inline image 1] But the yelling didn't scare the fox. "He looked at us, flip flop hanging out of his mouth, flipped his tail at us and began to play with the flip flop. He was throwing it in the air and wrestling with it until he got bored and trotted off with it," she added. "We yelled at him and splashed the water but he couldn't have cared less." They both paddled as fast as they could to reach the shore, but he had already disappeared with all four of their flip flops. "Some hikers went by and we asked them if they had seen a fox with a flip flop, but they looked at us like we were crazy," she said. "As they told us no, out came the fox again to taunt us -- flip flop still in his mouth only now it was chewed to bits." [image: Inline image 2] So Thompson and Bowan packed up their car barefoot and headed home. "I asked around and apparently he is a known flip flop thief. He steals them from the Jenny Lake Campground and stashes them. Lesson learned. Keep your flip flops with you," said Thompson. [image: Inline image 3] We asked Grand Teton National Park if they had heard of this flip flop fox and they hadn't heard of the little thief. Have your flip flops disappeared near Jenny Lake? Let us know on the Buckrail Facebook Page. *Feature Photo: A photo of the fox that stole the shoes. h/t Tenley Thompson / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news