Woman sues Grand Teton National Park after being struck by falling tree stem

(Jackson, Wyo.) - A woman from Koblenz, Germany is suing Grand Teton National Park for damages resulting from being struck by a falling tree branch while staying at the Colter Bay Campground. According to the lawsuit paperwork, on June 16, 2013, Anna Schneider was struck by 41 foot long and 10 inches in diameter stem of a V-forked lodgepole pine tree that broke off due to the wind. The complaint states that "Schneider sustained serious, painful and debilitating traumatic injuries, including: a severe scalp laceration with extensive blood loss; severe anemia secondary to trauma, requiring transfusions; bilateral pulmonary contusions; multiple bilateral rib fracture; left clavicle fracture requiring open reduction and internal fixation; sternal fracture; left wrist fracture; multiple thoracic spine fractures requiring surgery, including a T5 laminectomy; costotransversectomy, T5; placement of interbody cage, T5 location; T3-L1 fusion; pedical screw fixation, T-3-L1; acute respiratory failure; and Grade 3 liver laceration." The lawsuit states that Grand Teton National Park has a duty to use "ordinary and reasonable care" to keep the park safe and they failed to do so by not addressing the hazardous tree. Schneider is suing for the following damages: - Past and future physical pain and suffering; - Past and future emotional distress; - Past medical expenses, including but not limited to, physician, hospital, medical transportation, therapy, rehabilitation and medical expenses in excess of $700,000; - Future medical expenses; - Past loss of earnings and earning capacity in excess of $100,000; - Future loss of earnings and earning capacity; - Past and future loss of enjoyment of life; - Past and future perminant impairment; and - Other past and future special and general damages. The lawsuit was filed on November 13, 2015. *Feature Photo: Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news