Ciriacks pleads guilty to felony theft

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today in District Court, Lynn Ann Ciriacks pled guilty to felony theft under a plea agreement proposed to Judge Timothy C. Day. Ciriacks, 64, and her husband Daniel P. Ciriacks, 61, of Brookfield, Wisconsin allegedly shoplifted approximately $1,400 in clothing from Teton Village Sports in Teton village on September 15. After video surveillance was released by the Teton County Sheriff's Office, the two were arrested on September 19 when they returned to the store. Both were charged with felony theft and conspiracy to commit felony theft. Each charge comes with a maximum penalty of up to 10 years and a $10,000 fine. Ciriacks pled guilty in court today under a plea agreement that includes probation without entering the conviction. If Ciriacks completes five years of supervised probation as well as the other terms in the plea agreement successfully, than she will not be convicted of a felony. If convicted of a felony, Ciriacks would lose the right to vote, own firearms, hold certain public offices, serve on a jury and more. The court will conduct a pre-sentence investigation before Judge Day accepts the plea agreement. After the the pre-sentence investigation is complete, then Ciriacks will return to court for the final sentencing. *Feature Photo: Video surveillance that Teton Village Sports released of the shoplifters. h/t Teton County Sheriff's Office / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news