In its 35 years, The Cottage was more than a shop, but a hub for international charity work

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Terry Nuttle ended up in Jackson Hole like many of us did. During a road trip across country, she simply drove through and fell in love. Nuttle was from Philadelphia and attended a bible college back east. When she moved to Jackson Hole, she pursued her dream of owning and operating a Christian book store and gift shop. "I have always wanted to open a christian book store," said Nuttle. "There was a small one in town, but when I moved here she wasn't ready to sell it yet. A few years later, the owner was ready to sell." [image: Inline image 1] *Terry Nuttle. h/t Lori Cherland-McCune* In 1980, she bought The Cottage Christian Book Store on North Cache street. For 35 years she has run the book store during the day and for the past 15 years she has also worked as custodian for the Teton County School District. The Cottage is so much more than a retail shop, but served as a hub for Nuttle's many charitable activities. "I am a resource person. I love to find things people need," said Nuttle. "People would donate things to the store, but I didn't know quite what to do with them because they didn't fit with my store." She would collect these items and then chat with her customers and the organizations they represented. Nuttle always asked what the organization needed, and she often had it to donate to them. This is how Nuttle's giving began, but it quickly grew from donating to local organizations to giving to global causes. She soon began working with an organization in Bozeman called Vision Beyond Borders. They work all over the world but mostly serve the refugee camps in the Middle East and orphanages in Cuba. She would get lists of the needs and then either buy the items herself to donate or solicit donations from friends and community members. "We have a shipment going out today. We are sending clothing, blankets and hygiene kits -- to include soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. That [the hygiene kits) is one of main things that they are really in need of because there are so many refugees," she said. Depending on the need, Nuttle also collects and sends books, toys such as puzzles, paper, and anything else. She also is a member of a prison ministry where she donates books to help illiterate prisoners learn how to read. Now, after facing a life-threatening illness and spending more than five weeks in the hospital, she is closing the store to focus on her recovery. "It is really sad, it's like my baby. So many people are sad to see it go," said Nuttle. "But with my health issues, I just can't continue." Even though the shop will close, she will not cease her charity work. In fact, today she is shipping 40 boxes off to Bozeman for the Vision Beyond Borders program. "I will continue to collect donations because the need is so great everywhere," she said. The Cottage is holding a liquidation sale tomorrow, December 5, and will officially close its doors on December 31. *Feature Photo: The Cottage / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #whatshappening