Moose-Wilson Corridor open house spurs questions and comments

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Last night, Grand Teton National Park held an open house to showcase the Moose-Wilson Corridor Draft Plan , answer questions and provide a forum for the public to submit official comment. The event featured large boards on easels, which presented each of the four alternatives for the corridor, park managers to answer questions and a station to submit public comments on the draft plan. "This is really the public's opportunity to learn more about this draft plan / EIS, from the preferred alternative and what's included in that, what the process was on how we identified the preferred plan and provide feedback directly to our park managers," said Andrew White, acting public affairs officer for Grand Teton National Park. According to White, just because the park has identified a preferred alternative, it doesn't mean that they have made a final decision. That is the next step in the process after the public comment period. The Teton Village Association has had concerns about the plan since it was released, stating that there wasn't enough collaboration with cooperating agencies in the planning process. "We want to help Grand Teton National Park positively improve the draft preferred alternative for the Moose-Wilson Road. Those of us here in Teton Village are the nearest residents, employees and businesses to the Moose-Wilson Road, and as such we are committed to eco-solutions that safeguard park resources. We are dedicated to making Alternative C a better alternative, seeking a way to help diversify the proposed car-based approach in an eco-friendly way that doesn’t hurt the environment," said Melissa Turley, executive director of the Teton Village Association. "Teton Village Association's primary concerns are public access and human safety. We would like to see this proposal include alternative means of transportation, such as green transit and a pathway, to encourage human power and vehicle reduction while still enabling diverse visitors to see the Moose-Wilson corridor without driving a car," she added. "We value their [Teton Village Association] feedback," said White. "They are a very important stakeholder with them being right on the southern edge of the project's barrier. Their comments are going to have a huge impact on this plan." Just last week, Grand Teton National Park announced that they extended the public review and comment period until January 30, 2016. *Feature Photo: Andrew White explaining a piece of the plan to open house attendees on December 9 / Pitchengine Communities * #buckrail #news