Shovel your walk or you could be subject to fines

(Jackson, Wyo.) - As the snow begins to fall more regularly here in Jackson, don't forget about the Town of Jackson Snow and Ice Removal Ordinance. The Jackson Town Council passed an ordinance in 2014 requiring residences, businesses and lots of land within town limits to remove snow and ice from their sidewalk. Every person in charge or control of any building or lot of land within the town fronting or abutting on a paved sidewalk or boardwalk is required remove and clear away snow and ice from the sidewalk. The ordinance states that, the snow removed from sidewalks may not be deposited onto any roadway (street or alleyway), sidewalk or in front of fire hydrants. According to the town ordinance, "In business districts, snow and ice needs to be removed from sidewalks within six business hours after the cessation of any fall of snow, sleet or freezing rain, or by the beginning of business hours the next day following such a fall, whichever period is longer. All other sidewalks need to have snow and ice removed the same day of cessation of any fall of snow, sleet or freezing rain or within the first 6 hours of daylight after the cessation, whichever period is longer." If a resident or business violates this ordinance, then they are subject to a fine. Read the full ordinance here. *Feature Photo: h/t Creative Commons / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news