Wyoming ahead of the curve for new Education Act, officials say

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Earlier this afternoon, Wyoming Department of Education State Superintendent Jillian Balow held a press conference in Jackson on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) with Joint Education Committee Co-Chairs Senator Hank Coe and Representative David Northrup. Passed last week, Senator Mike Enzi said the bill is designed to empower parents and teachers to make the decisions they think are best in the classroom instead of bureaucrats in Washington. “Wyoming's decision not to obtain a No Child Left Behind waiver has positioned us well for the transition into ESSA. Thank you to our legislature and education leaders for their diligence in creating Wyoming's innovative state education accountability framework. We look forward to continuing this great work for Wyoming's kids,” said Superintendent Balow in a news release last week . "I am very very excited about what's going on," said Senator Coe at the press conference. "I think it is a good shift out of Washington that we haven't seen in quite a while." "Wyoming is really in a great spot. We are ahead of the curve on accountability and I really want to thank Senator Enzi for his great contribution for making this a state-driven accountability," said Representative Northrup. "It gives us a chance to use our model and other states are looking at our model," Representative Northrup added. "This is an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with one another," said Superintendent Balow. "As with anytime we have a 1,000 page bill, it is easy to get caught in the weeds and we always need to keep the conversations about creating opportunities for students and improving student achievement at the forefront of everything, with particular focus on our most at risk students and our schools in most need of improvement." More information about how ESSA will impact Wyoming schools is available here. *Feature Photo: Officials at the ESSA Press Conference today. Pitchengine Communities * #buckrail #county10 #oilcity #dally #shortgo #reboot #county17 #news