Jackson Hole Airport releases EA of Wastewater Handling for public Comment

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Jackson Hole Airport Board has released a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) of Wastewater Handling and will conduct a public meeting on the issue tonight. In 2013, the Airport Board installed a bioreactor system to consolidate and provide tertiary treatment for wastewater generated by airport facilities. Bioreactor treated effluent currently flows into an aging leach field with an unknown remaining lifetime that may not be adequate to handle future growth and demand. The purpose of the proposed project is to provide safe and reliable wastewater effluent handling for future Airport needs while protecting human health and the environment. The EA evaluates the potential impacts of three alternatives: two action alternatives and the no-action alternative. The two action alternatives are to dispose of treated effluent in a new Airport leach field, or bypass the bioreactor system and pipe untreated wastewater to the Town of Jackson’s wastewater treatment plant. A public review and comment period is being initiated for this draft environmental assessment. Interested agencies, organizations, Native American tribes, and members of the public are invited to submit comments on any aspect of this draft environmental assessment. All substantive comments will be considered in preparing the final environmental assessment. The EA will be available for public review and comment for a period of 45 days, from November 20, 2015 to January 4, 2016. View the full EA here . The Jackson Hole Airport Board will host a public meeting tonight from 5 - 7 p.m. at the following address: