Full Moon to appear on Christmas for the first time in 38 years

(Jackson, Wyo.) - On December 25, we will get to see the first Christmas full Moon in 38 years. There have only been three full Moons on Christmas since 1900 (this will be the fourth) and there won't be another Christmas full Moon until 2034. Mike Maurer, the secretary treasurer for the Jackson Hole Astronomy Club, offers some tips on when to view the rare Christmas full Moon in Jackson Hole "The 'Full' Moon is a MOMENT and that moment happens on December 25th 11:11 UTC, which is 4:11 a.m. here," said Maurer. "Now there is a good amount of time that for all practical purposes the moon is 'FULL.' This would include Dec 24. When the 'Mostly Full' Moon is setting on christmas Eve Morning it will be 99.69 percent full. When the Full Moon is rising Christmas Night it will be 99.4 percent full. The nice thing about this is it gives a two day Weather window for photography." The last time there was a full moon on Christmas was 1977, which just happened to be the year when the first Star Wars movie was released. It was released on May 25, 1977. Coincidence? *Feature Photo: h/t Dan Mckenzie / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news