WGFD collars and tests local bighorn herd (photo tour)

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Last week, the Wyoming Fish and Game Department (WGFD) captured 11 female bighorn sheep at the National Elk Refuge to test for a multi-year research project. All sheep were fitted with radio collars to track their survival and migration patterns. They also took blood samples to test for certain pathogens that can cause pneumonia. The reason for this testing is that the local herd has suffered major die-offs in recent years due to pneumonia. According to the WFGD, bighorn sheep herds near Dubois and across the Rocky Mountain Region have also suffered die-offs due to pneumonia. Here are some photos of the research project from last week (all photos by Mark Gocke, WGFD): [image: Inline image 1][image: Inline image 3][image: Inline image 14][image: Inline image 12][image: Inline image 4][image: Inline image 8][image: Inline image 7][image: Inline image 13][image: Inline image 11][image: Inline image 2][image: Inline image 5][image: Inline image 6][image: Inline image 10][image: Inline image 9] *Feature Photo: h/t Mark Gocke, WGFD / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news