Weekend Dispatch: Minor under the influence, public intox and more

(Jackson, Wyo.) – Here is a recap of local dispatch and law enforcement activity from this past weekend in the Town of Jackson and Teton County. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until proven guilty. There were 139 calls to the area dispatch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. *Crime Reports and Arrests * Minor Under the Influence: At 12:31 a..m. on Saturday, Jackson Police Department officers were dispatched to a bar in reference to a subject attempting to gain entry with a false identification. Officers contacted bar staff and the person attempting to use the identification. Upon questioning, the subject admitted the identification was false and provided his correct identification. During contact with the subject, officers noted he appeared to be under the influence and he admitted to drinking earlier in the night. As a result, Samuel Leighton French, 20, of Wilson was charged with being a minor under the influence. Destruction of Property: At 1:12 p.m. on Saturday, a Jackson Police officer took a report that a vehicle that was on the tarmac at the airport collided with a parked but occupied charter airplane. The extent of the damage is unknown at this time. No crime occurred in this incident. Public Intox: At 2:16 a.m. on Sunday, a Jackson Police officer saw a subject standing in a parking lot talking on a cell phone. The officer observed the subject swaying as he stood and noted he would take an occasional step to maintain his balance. The officer then observed the subject walk into the street. The subject was staggering and had to stop and start walking several times to maintain his balance. The officer contacted the subject and at one point during the contact an officer had to grab onto the subject to keep him from falling over. The subject was unable to provide an address and repeated many times that he just wanted to go to sleep. As a result, Martin Gomez-Flores, 40, of Jackson was charged with public intoxication. *Collisions* There were seven auto collisions this past weekend, including two hit and runs. Hit and Run: At 10:29 p.m. on Friday, a subject reported to the Jackson Police Department that he witnessed a vehicle back into a parked vehicle then drive from the scene without leaving any information. The witness provided a license plate number. Officers located the suspect vehicle and found corresponding damage. The driver admitted to being in the parking lot where the collision occurred but said they were unaware of the collision. As a result of the investigation, Laura Cirone Bay, 55, of Wilson was charged with unsafe backing and hit and run. *Other* Other dispatch reports driving complaints, snow tow citations. road hazards, lost and found property, citizen assists, animal control calls, and motorist assists. #buckrail #news