Wyoming Business Council votes to rescind decision to fund Alpine distillery

(Alpine, Wyo.) - Today, the Wyoming Business Council voted to rescind their previous decision to provide funding to the Town of Alpine to build a distillery for Grand Teton Distillery. On December 9, the Wyoming business Council issued a release stating that the board recommended full funding of a $2,873,798 grant for the Town of Alpine to purchase 3.6 acres and construct a 20,000 square foot building to house a distillery. The board voted to rescind the recommendation made December 9 in support of the Town of Alpine’s request for Business Ready Community funds and directed staff to continue to work with the town, Grand Teton Distilling and the Wyoming distilling industry to provide the Board with a more complete analysis. During the meeting, officials stated that this is not revoking the funding completely, but will allow for 90 days to do a more complete analysis on the project. This decision was made after other Wyoming distilleries came forward and asked for the council to do further analysis on the Wyoming distilling industry. Amber Pollocks, owner of Backwards Distilling in Casper and who was representing the Wyoming Distillers Guild, voiced her concerns during the meeting. "Our key concern is that we did not have a voice of this situation," said Pollocks. "We were unaware about this grant. We wanted an opportunity to voice our concerns." Town of Alpine Mayor Kennis Lutz also spoke at the meeting. "I feel very strongly about this application. We spent a lot of time and money to promote businesses in Alpine," said Mayor Lutz. "It would be a shame to halt the project and delay the jobs," said Tim Harland, national sales director for Grand Teton Distillery. The Wyoming Business Council will do more analysis on this project and funding will be discussed again at the March meeting. *Feature Photo: Town of Alpine / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news