Grand Teton Distillery responds to decision to delay Alpine distillery

(Alpine, Wyo.) - Yesterday, the Wyoming Business Council voted to rescind their previous decision to provide funding to the town of Alpine to build a distillery for Grand Teton Distillery. Since the vote, the distillery has responded to the decision: "Teton Distillery understands the Wyoming Business Council’s need to complete a further competitive analysis on the City of Alpine’s grant application for the buildout of our headquarters and production facility in Alpine. We believe this analysis will only strengthen the decision to move forward with the facility when the vote is taken in March," said Tim Harland, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing in a statement. "We have worked closely with the Wyoming Business Council, the City of Alpine and community members for over a year and have provided extensive information on our plans, and have welcomed any and all community input. This two month delay should not have any significant impact on our expansions plans for the future," Harland added. "We look forward to working with the City of Alpine, the Wyoming Business Council and the State of Wyoming in creating jobs and revenue for the State." Read the previous article about the WBC decision here. #buckrail #news