Teton County warns of possible mail scam

(Teton County, Wyo.) - Yesterday, the Teton County Sheriff's Office released a warning about a possible mail scam. According to the release, Teton County citizens have reported receiving mailers from, “Record Transfer Services” out of Westlake Village, CA. The mailers advise you can get a copy of your current grant deed and property assessment for $83.00. There is a deadline listed of January 8, 2016. "While the mailers look like official government correspondence, they are not from ANY government agency, local or otherwise," the Sheriff's Office said in a statement. Authorities says that there are several complaints on file with the Better Business Bureau, and various state’s attorney generals’ offices about this company and their, “services.” They have been sued for misleading business practices in several states. In fact, the documents they are proposing to obtain for $83.00, are available for Teton County residents free of charge online through the Teton County Clerk’s Office. The release states that, while technically no crime has committed at this point, consumers should use caution when responding to any unsolicited offers such as this. #buckrail #news