Tuesday Dispatch: Auto theft, auto burglary and more

(Jackson, Wyo.) – Here is a recap of local dispatch and law enforcement activity from yesterday in the Town of Jackson and Teton County. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until proven guilty. There were 63 calls to the area dispatch on Tuesday, December 22. *Crime Reports and Arrests * Auto Burglary: on Tulesday, a subject reported to the Jackson Police Department that he left a laptop on the seat of his unlocked vehicle overnight. When he returned to the vehicle, the laptop had been stolen. There are no suspects. Auto Theft: On Tuesday, a subject reported to the Jackson Police Department that his vehicle stolen from the parking garage. Follow-up revealed the vehicle had been towed as an abandoned vehicle. *Collisions* There were five auto collisions yesterday. *Other* Other dispatch reports included snow tow warnings, citizen assists, traffic problems, lost and found property, animal control calls, road hazards, medical assists, driving complaints, and code enforcements. #buckrail #news