5 stories that defined Jackson Hole in 2015

(Jackson, Wyo.) - In 2015, Teton County and the Town of Jackson had happy moments, as well as struggles and sad times, but the year has helped us grow as a stronger, more successful community. Here are the five stories that defined Jackson Hole in 2015 -- some fun, some sad and some scary -- countdown style: *Please note that these are the top read Buckrail stories of the year, and Buckrail launched in late June 2015.* *5. #MissingHunter Found Dead* On September 23, the Rietmann family notified the Teton County Sheriff's Office after Bernhard Rietmann, an 84-year-old resident of Wilson, failed to return from a day of hunting. Following seven days of searching more than 20 square miles, Teton County Search and Rescue located Rietmann's remains. Autopsy results revealed that Rietmann died from hypothermia and exposure to the elements. Read Buckrail's articles on the missing hunter here. [image: Inline image 5] *4. Early season deaths at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort* Sad news dampened the 50th anniversary celebrations with two early season deaths within a month of each other at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR). On Monday, December 7, Callagy Sahey Ross, 23, a new resident of Jackson, died after hitting a tree while snowboarding. On December 22, 25-year-old Kelsey Hewitt was skiing at JHMR when she fell head first into a tree well and suffocated. [image: Inline image 4] *3. The Jackson Lake Lodge UFO Conspiracy* In August, a photo emerged of a UFO over a lake in Australia that blew up all over the internet. Strangely enough, after the photo circulated the globe, it was discovered that it was taken at the Jackson Lake Lodge and the "UFO" was simply a reflection in the window. Read the article, "This picture of a 'UFO' in Jackson Hole is trying to break the internet." [image: Inline image 3] *2. The Year of the #BisonSelfie* This summer, the #BisonSelfie became poplar and it exposed some truly terrifying photos. It was such a popular hashtag that it had more than 420 posts on Instagram. They may look domestic, cute and fuzzy, but make no mistake that this wild animal will gore you with all of its 2,000 pounds. Just ask this woman, who was gored in July. The 43-year-old woman from Mississippi was injured when she turned her back on a bison to get a photo with it in Yellowstone National Park. Read Buckrail's article, "The Bison Selfie is really a thing and it’s terrifying." [image: Inline image 2] *1. #MissingSisters Found Safe* On July 8, the Teton County Sheriff's Office launched a massive search for Megan, Erin and Kelsie Andrews-Sharer, three sisters from Wisconsin who went missing during a backpacking trip in the area. The sisters were believed to have left on a backpacking trip on June 28 with five days worth of food. After an extensive search, the women were found safe on July 9. Read Buckrail's articles on the missing sisters here. [image: Inline image 1] What stories do you think defined 2015 for Jackson Hole? Tell us here . #buckrail #news