Manage a VRBO or Airbnb? New short term rental law goes into effect tomorrow

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Starting tomorrow, every person who rents out an apartment or a house for less than 31 days is required to have a residential short term license to operate, according to the new ordinance passed in late September. Those who wish to rent out their residences for short term rentals through sites such as VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) or Airbnb must fill out the license application and pay $100 per unit. Additionally, they need to notify all neighbors within 300 ft. as well as provide documentation that their homeowners association allows short term rentals. “Our goal is to maintain community and neighborhoods,” said Mayor Sara Flitner. “We want to make it possible for rentals to happen in appropriate places, near commercial services, but to protect neighborhoods and yearround housing for working families. We have to be a community, together, first.” Those who don’t comply with the new ordinance can face a penalty of $750 per day, per violation, according to Audrey Cohen-Davis, town attorney for the Town of Jackson. Prior to this ordinance, there was not a specific short term rental permit process, but there were and are certain allowed uses for each zone as set forth in the land development regulations. “Since 1994, all short-term rentals proposed as new uses required a permit from the Town, including the conversion of any existing use to a short-term rental,” said Cohen-Davis. The new ordinances states that short term rentals can only exist within the Lodging Overlay District and the Snow King Resort District (see map below). [image: Inline image 1] *h/t Town of Jackson / Pitchengine Communities* According to the ordinance, “The economic base of the community is tourism and the future success of tourism is directly linked to the community’s ability to provide an enjoyable experience to people who may have alternative locations to vacation. The location of tourist facilities and the quality of those facilities are important parts of the tourist experience in Jackson, and the ordinance seeks to ensure those facilities are of the highest quality.” “The Town has determined that the lodging overlay and Snow King Resort districts are the appropriate locations for short-term rentals because this is where visitor-related attractions and infrastructure are concentrated and desired,” said Cohen-Davis. “In addition, limiting short term rentals to specific commercial areas helps to protect the character and quality of life of surrounding residential areas.” More information on the Town of Jackson Short Term Rental Ordinance is available at *Feature Photo: h/t Snow King Mountain / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news