8 stories that defined 2015 in Wyoming

It's an interesting exercise, looking back on the stories that made 2015 what it will forever be in our minds. And when we read the stories that defined 2015 in Wyoming, all of them are uniquely Wyoming. These hilarious, fascinating and tragic stories were among Pitchengine Communities' most read stories, but they are also the stories that we'll remember in the future when we think of 2015. In no particular order: *The #BisonSelfie* [image: Screen-Shot-2015-08-19-at-8.46.25-AM.png] It's real, it's funny, and it's terrifying. This post on Buckrail has everything you need to know. (photo h/t h/t @wowkarenmao on Instagram) *The Riverton Center of Hope shooting* [image: Roy-Clyde-2.jpg] On July 18, 2015, Roy Clyde entered the Riverton detox center, formally know as the Center of Hope, and opened fire. Stallone Tropser was fatally wounded and another injured for life. The shooter claims he was motivated by the town's transient population, but many believe it was racially inspired. Clyde has entered guilty pleas and will be serving the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole. *The "Crack" in the Bighorns* [image: 12179899_1159611504068918_1133423905_n-1.jpg] The story of a massive gash or crack opening up in the Bighorns near Ten Sleep gained national attention this fall. Since it's first appearance in late October we've learned it was likely caused by an underground spring. (photo h/t Brent Christopherson) *The #MissingSisters* [image: found.png] The tale of three Wisconsin sisters who went missing in the wilderness south of Jackson this summer captivated the state and many more across the country. Megan, Erin, and Kelsi Andrews-Sharer had been missing for several days and the search effort was increasing every morning. Finally, based on tip from a local guide, the trio was found cold, wet, and hungry, but healthy. *The Station or Cole Creek Fire* [image: 12166614_10208031965462527_964209366_n.jpg] The 9,500-acre October blaze that consumed 13 homes and many livestock on the outskirts of Casper is a story of tragedy and a community coming together. Hundreds of people were evacuated, and despite the massive amount of destruction there was no loss of human life. Since the lengthy fire fight has come to an end, the community has rallied around the victims, providing significant donations, support and volunteer hours for clean-up. (photo h/t Zach Heidrich) *Bigfoot family spotted in Yellowstone* [image: Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-11.23.42-AM.png] In early February, one of Yellowstone National Park's webcams in the Old Faithful area caught a collection of figures that some online theorists thought could be a family of bigfoots (or is it bigfeet?). Likely the subjects were cross-country skiers, but that didn't stop this from being one of the most viewed stories of the year. *Sheridan to host National Elite Rodeo* [image: 1ac2d825-1f30-4d83-83e3-f1b87184a184.jpg] We learned in early December that Sheridan in 2016 will get to host the Elite Rodeo Athletes: League of Rodeo Champions on its first-ever nationwide tour. It also happens to be the only outdoor venue on the entire tour. So exciting! *Massive I-80 crash* [image: 005.jpg] More than 40 vehicles were involved in a crash on I-80 between Laramie and Cheyenne in April during blizzard conditions. Nearly 30 people were reported injured, but thankfully there were no fatalities. While the crash and the details unfolded, some breath-taking video emerged . #buckrail #reboot #county10 #springcity #dally #oilcity #county17 #shortgo #news