WGFD launches Big-Game Wyoming Hunt Planner

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) has launched an online tool to help hunters plan their upcoming 2016 Wyoming adventure. According to a release issued by the WGFD, the tool known as the Big-Game Wyoming Hunt Planner, revolutionizes the area maps available for Wyoming and combines species-specific hunt information, drawing odds, license details, and harvest information. “Wyoming Hunt Planner will be invaluable to hunters who are applying in January. This method of sharing hunt information is the first Game and Fish has been able to offer online. The planner responds to the needs and requests we have received from the public and should make it much easier to have an enjoyable, safe and successful hunt in 2016,” said Scott Talbott, Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The Wyoming Hunt Planner, available on the Wyoming Game and Fish website, steps hunters through the process of preparing a hunt by outlining hunting needs and requirements. For each species, hunters can select their prospective hunt area from the map, and then dive into area-specific details. The maps, which are interactive, allow hunters to view land ownership details, overlay different species hunt areas, and soon will offer Wildlife Habitat Management Area and hunter management area locations. Hunters can also customize their own maps with pins and other information for later use on their desktop or mobile devices. Maps are available for download as GeoPDFs and KML files and are printable. Each area also includes the most up to date, detailed season information. The planner synthesizes information on draw requirements/application deadlines, licenses needed, harvest information, and drawing odds. Hunters should note the information provided in Wyoming Hunt Planner is tentative, and are encouraged to read the finalized season information when approved in April. “Wyoming Hunt Planner completely revamps the way hunters can prepare and allows hunters to find the best option to fit their goals with the interactive and customizable maps,” said Chris Botkins, Wyoming Game and Fish webmaster. “We have taken public input and worked to make a user-friendly tool.” *Feature Photo: h/t Shutterstock / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news