Local woman to run 3,100 miles across the U.S. to break record, raise money for charity

(Jackson, Wyo.) - In 2016, long-time Jackson resident and mother of two Lisa Smith-Batchen will do something very few people have done before, and all to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This April, she will embark on a 3,100-mile run from Los Angeles to New York City. Averaging 50 - 68 miles per day, she hopes to break the men's record set in the 1980's by completing the run in 46 days. For this "project" as she calls her big runs, Smith-Batchen is working to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This morning she boarded a plane heading to Memphis, Tennessee to meet with team to plan the run. "I do projects to raise money for causes relating to kids," said Smith-Batchen. "The thing about St. Jude I love is that no family ever sees a bill. It is such a remarkable organization." So why does Smith-Batchen think she can complete this great feat? At 55-years-old, she has a long history of completing endurance races for charity. In 2010, she ran 2,500-miles -- 50 miles in 50 states in 62 days, where all donations were given to the AIDS Orphans Rising organization. In 2014, she was the first woman ever to complete the 594-mile run through Death Valley. And those are just a few from her long list of ultra-runs. For this endeavor, she plans to run, eat and drink for about 20 hours each day with about four hours planned for sleep each night. "Sleep is the one thing that is sacrificed to do a lot of these goals," she said. A feat of this caliber doesn't just take endurance, drive and commitment, it takes sponsors and support as well, so we asked Smith-Batchen how the local community could help her reach her goal. "I have this vision -- it's 3,100 miles -- imagine if one million people donated $31? That would be $31 million dollars," she said. "Anyone can support the run, by even donating $1." "If everyone in Jackson Hole donated $1 and got everyone they knew to donate a dollar, we could change the world," she said. "That is what I love about living here. The community comes together to support people in all ways and it is just incredible." The run will start at the end of April and official dates will be set after her meetings in Memphis this week. After the dates are set, Smith-Batchen will get the run website up so supporters can donate and also get involved with fitness challenges. As for the run itself, Smith-Batchen's drive comes from helping kids. "What do I do when it gets hard? I truly think of one mile for 1,000 kids," she said. *Feature Photo: Lisa Smith-Batchen. h/t Lisa Smith-Batchen / Pitchengine Comminities* #buckrail #news