Below normal snowmelt volumes predicted statewide

December precipitation totals across Wyoming were 115 to 140 percent of average, the NOAA reports. Precipitation numbers varied between 210 percent of normal over the Crow Creek/Lodgepole Creek Drainage (extreme southeast Wyoming) to near 58 percent of normal over the Tongue River Watershed (north central Wyoming). Current water year (October-December 2015) precipitation across Wyoming is 100 to 105 percent of average. Mountain snowpack across Wyoming was 80 to 85 percent of normal by early January. Snowpack "water" numbers and/or SWEs were the highest across basins in western and southeastern—varying between 90 to 110 percent of median. SWEs across basins in central Wyoming varied 50 to 75 percent of median. Below normal (80 to 90 percent) snowmelt streamflow volumes are expected across almost all major basins across Wyoming. Near average streamflow volumes are expected across the Upper Yellowstone Watershed as well as portions of the Upper North Platte Drainage. The Sweetwater River Basin, portions of the Tongue Watershed, and portions of the Powder Watershed are forecasted to have below normal streamflow volumes during the upcoming snowmelt season. Reservoirs storages across Wyoming are remained above average at 115 to 120 percent for January. [image: JAN2016.jpg] #buckrail #county10 #reboot #springcity #dally #oilcity #county17 #shortgo #news