Local artists convey technology struggle through "destructive dance film" in memory of Chad Kreft

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Several local artists came together to create a piece of art that convey's their frustrations with the world's growing need for technology. The film, named STATIC, is described by producer, director and editor Kayla Arend ( as "a destructive dance film that juxtaposes a primitive element of the human psyche with modern technology." "I got the idea for this short when I was editing our other art film, Ignis Anima. I became frustrated at the technology I was working with," said Arend. Arend created this film as a way to express her dueling frustrations -- needing her iPhone and technology to stay connected with the world, but also feeling the need let go of the addiction she has to technology. On another front, Arend explained, technology has resulted in globalization. "Technology has massively contributed to the loss of culture in native youth all over the world and is not necessarily a good thing at all," she said. Luke Zender, choreographer and dancer in the film agrees. "STATIC is a representation of the negative affects that the technological revolution has had on the human consciousness. The film represents the subconscious trying to equalize these distractions and reestablish a healthy sense of awareness," said Zender. The filming was done in a house in east Jackson that was up for demolition. Zender and Arend are key players in the making of STATIC, but the local talent does not stop there. Jason Agrelius was the associate producer and camera operator, Andrew Weller was the cinematographer, and Machenzie King did the production design. Chad Kreft, who passed away on November 12, was a producer on the film as well and STATIC is dedicated to the memory of him. "STATIC is dedicated to Chad because without him we wouldn't have been able to make this film. I have made a few other films while I have been in Jackson Hole and Chad helped out on every single one of them," said Arend. "He fed the entire crew of Ignis Anima with his colorful display of Painted Snacks & Rhasta Wraps. He got us the location for STATIC and then he helped on set, setting up TVs, eating pizza, holding cameras, cleaning the mess and being an overall positive vibe to have around." "I didn't know Chad for very long, about two years in total, but every time I had a creative project or idea he was game and always in good spirits," she added. Watch the short film STATIC here: *Feature Photo: Screenshot from STATIC / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news