Officials vote to limit commercial development

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Yesterday at the Joint Information Meeting, the Town Council and Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to limit commercial development in Jackson and Teton County. The vote came after several members of the public commented on the issue. Many community members spoke emotionally about their struggle to find housing, while business leaders like Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce President Jeff Golightly and former Mark Barron spoke for not limiting commercial development. The motion that passed directed staff to monitor incentive residential units against a set cap, so that incentives are based on achieving community goals but will terminate once the buildout limit (maximum number of units) is reached. The recommendations adhere to the 1994 commercial development rules set in the Land Development Regulations. "It's complicated and we are going to continue to have this conversation," said Mayor Flitner during the meeting yesterday. "I think what this discussion has laid out today and will continue to be a foundation for is meeting the needs in this community... allowing some predictability... We are suggesting for the community's sake that we don't need more vibrancy at the moment, though that might change in the future, which is why we aren't engaged in a conversation about a hard cap numbers-based plan." "I am comfortable with the 1994 numbers and there is plenty room for activity," Mayor Flitner added. "It's fantastic our elected representatives listened to the people and voted to prioritize housing our middle class over more Marriotts, and to provide our community with the opportunity to align our investments with our values and address our housing and transportation challenges. Our elected representatives showed leadership in taking these important steps that will create a better future for Jackson Hole," said Craig M. Benjamin, Executive Director of the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance. Staff documents regarding the Comp Plan Implementation Questions are available here . *Feature Photo: Town and County officials at the Joint Information Meeting.