Town and County opt for General Sales Tax penny to fund housing and transporation

(Jackson, Wyo.) - At the town and county Joint Information Meeting yesterday, Mayor Sara Flitner started the meeting with a statement, "We hope to make a decision today." She was speaking of the Community Priorities Fund, which has failed to pass after several meetings. The main question was whether officials prefer to seek this funding through a renewal of the current Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET), whether to seek up to an additional one percent of general purpose tax, whether to keep the sales tax rate at six percent, or whether to try to increase the total tax rate by up to one percent, to a total of seven percent. By the end of the meeting, town and county officials voted for the General Sales Tax penny, keeping the sales tax at six percent, to fund housing and transportation. This is expected to appear on the ballot in November 2016 for the community to vote on. "I would have preferred SPET, because I believed that is what our community prefers," said Mayor Flitner. "But, there are lots of ways to skin a cat and I am grateful to my colleagues for their patience and work. More importantly, we all tip our hats to the teachers and taxpayers, the business owners and community organizations, the moms and dads, the climbers and counsellors, the ski bums and ski instructors, all of the voices and ideas that keep Jackson real, unique, the best." The vote passed in the county with 3 for and 2 opposed and in the town with 3 for and 1 opposed. More information about the Community Priorities Fund is available here. *Feature Photo: Town and County officials at the Joint Information Meeting today. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news