U.S. Education Report Card Released: Where does Wyoming rank?

(Jackson, Wyo.) - *Education Week* released its 2016 Quality Counts report—Called to Account: New Directions in School Accountability— and its annual report card. Out of all 50 states, Wyoming ranks number eight in education. According to the release issued late last week, the Education Week Research Center grades each state in three categories: Chance-for-Success, K-12 Achievement, and School Finance. "The nation receives an overall grade of C on its 2016 report card, with a score of 74.4 out of a possible 100 points, virtually the same result as a year ago," stated *Education Week* in the release. Here are the top ten states and their scores: 1. Massachusetts: B+ 86.8 2. New Jersey: B 85.1 3. Vermont: B, 83.8 4. Maryland: B, 82.7 5. Connecticut: B-, 82.5 6. New Hampshire: B- 82.3 7. Pennsylvania: B-, 80.6 8. Wyoming: B-, 80.2 9. New York: B-, 79.8 10. Minnesota: B-, 79.8 In the individual categories, Wyoming ranked 16th with a B- and 81.8 in Chance-for-Success, 21st with a C- and 71.2 in K-12 Achievement, and second in School Finance with at B+ at 87.2. As for the worst ranked states, Nevada ranked last, with a grade of D and a score of 65.2. Mississippi and New Mexico also receive Ds. See the full U.S. Report Card here: [image: Inline image 1] More information on the Education Report Card is available here. #buckrail #dally #oilcity #reboot #county17 #county10 #springcity #shortgo #news