Wyo. delegates skeptical of Obama's State of the Union Address

(Wyoming) - Last night, President Barack Obama gave his eighth and final State of the Union address to the nation. Following the speech, which you can view in its entirety here , the Wyoming state delegates commented on the president's words. *U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo.* “After seven years in office, the president still has a long list of challenges that the future holds for our nation. What he won’t say is that many of the challenges we must overcome are of his making. His policies have put our country deeper in debt and led to the slowest job recovery since World War II. They’ve weakened our standing on the world stage and empowered international terrorism, such as ISIS. They’ve trampled on the constitutional rights of every citizen by enabling over regulation and increased government intrusion into our daily lives. We do have some big challenges ahead, but we need a new direction and a new president with a different vision to lead us to a better future. “In the last year the new Congress has shown what real solutions and leadership look like with the passage of a balanced budget, multi-year highway bill, education reform bill, trade promotion, and more. Unfortunately, in his last year in office looking to cement his legacy, President Obama is more willing than ever to push his agenda on the American people by circumventing Congress with constitutionally questionable executive actions. That is not what confidence in the American people looks like. “The president talks about hope and confidence in the American people. His actions, however, put the power in the hands of the EPA, IRS, HHS and the administrators of federal programs and new rules. I’m hopeful that people have had enough of the federal government dictating what kind of food they should eat, where they should get their health care, what is OK to say or how you can practice your religious beliefs. America is better off when Americans are making their own decisions about what’s best for their families.” *Western Caucus Chairman Cynthia Lummis (WY-At large)* “Reviewing the executive’s past seven years of manufacturing regulations, designating land unilaterally, empowering Washington, killing energy jobs, burying agriculture under red tape, and fiddling as the West burns shows President Obama and his Administration have utterly failed the West. But as this regime enters its final year, we can see light at the end of the tunnel at last. “The future holds the key; it holds the opportunity to enact the reforms that Western members of Congress have been pushing these past seven years to open opportunity and enhance stewardship throughout the West and across the country. With new leadership we will have a chance to boost energy production on federal land that has plummeted under this Administration. We can protect the multiple-use of public lands in our backyards that President Obama would rather shove under lock and key. “We will finally have a chance to address the failed federal policies of management by abandonment that has left millions of acres of land throughout the West at the mercy of wildfire. We can reinforce local control over our resources, especially our water, the lifeblood of the American West. “I and my colleagues from both the East and West will continue fighting regulations and policies that hurt our constituents and families during President Obama’s last year in office. We will also continue developing a pro growth agenda and keep the pressure on Washington, D.C. to right the wrongs done to the West. “Communities in the West and throughout America want only the opportunity to create jobs, grow their economies, lower costs, and care for the land where they live. Locally-driven policies of stewardship are the key to a prosperous America that will maintain and foster the health of our natural resources.” *U.S. Senator John (R-Wyo.)* “Consistent with the past seven years, the president’s final State of the Union address was long on promises and short on solutions. He missed a real opportunity tonight to talk about the things that unite us. Instead, he was more divisive than ever on health care, energy, our economy, and even national security. “The president is concerned about his legacy, but his track record is clear: The economy is fragile, we have a health care law that’s not working and the world is less safe. The president has seven years of problems that haven’t been fixed. “Americans are now looking toward the future. Republicans are ready to show the American people what we can do. We’re committed to solving major challenges with proven solutions to make our economy more competitive, create jobs, strengthen health care for all Americans and increase the safety and security of our country.” #buckrail #dally #county10 #county17 #springcity #shortgo #oilcity #news