Documentation, housing and language proficiency critical issues for Jackson's Latino community

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Latino Resource Center has released its 2015 Latino Community Assessment. According to the data released, there are 3,331 Latinos living in the community or 15 percent of the population of Teton County, Wyoming. Further, the study states that: - 82% of the local Latino population is Mexican. - 60% are 1st generation immigrants. - More than 90% are working at least part-time. - 82% of participants told us they were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience here. - The community has a 92% Hispanic graduation rate. The assessment identifies the top critical issues for the Greater Jackson Latino population as: 1. Documentation and citizenship 2. Housing 3. Language proficiency 4. Educational attainment 5. Wages and income levels 6. Healthcare access Another issue brought up in the study is the need to get the Latino population more involved in the community. "When asked about the potential for getting more involved in their community, they told us time is a significant barrier, especially as they try to balance work and family obligations," states the study. The study also gives recommendations including supporting language skill acquisition and increasing educational opportunities. The assessment was compiled by Eriksen-Meier Consulting and partially funded by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole. It is said to have the most current data on the Jackson community’s Latinos. Read the full study here. *Feature Photo: h/t Latino Resource Center / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news