Some legislators want to prohibit the state from assisting feds in grizzly/wolf killing investigations

One of Wyoming's legislative's committees is proposing a bill that would keep state and local law enforcement from assisting federal agencies in investigating the killing or injuring of gray wolves or grizzly bears. The bill, HB 18 , states that Wyoming officers could not assist federal investigators, with a few exceptions. And the exception all play into the Gov. Matt Mead's and other's stated goals of getting the two predators delisted as endangered and under state management. "No game and fish personnel or Wyoming law enforcement officer shall assist any official, agent or employee of the United State government in the investigation, arrest or prosecution of any person who takes or causes injury of a gray wolf or grizzly bear in the state, if the animal is a species listed as experimental nonessential population, endangered species or threatened species in the state," the proposed bill from the Select Federal Natural Resource Management Committee states. Exceptions to moratorium on assisting the feds include: any assistance that could lead to delisting or lead to a reduction on the amount of gray wolves or grizzly bears. For a bill to actually get presented to the legislature during this year's budget session, it must receive a 2/3 vote to introduce in the House. The Select Federal Natural Resource Management Committee is made up of: Sen. Eli Bebout (R-Riverton), Sen. Gerald Geis (R-Worland), Sen. Larry Hicks (R-Baggs), Rep. Norine Kasperik (R-Gillette), Rep. JoAnn Dayton (D-Rock Springs), and Rep. Tim Stubson (R-Casper). *Feature Photo: Grizzly. h/t Catherine Lall via Shutterstock / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #reboot #county10 #springcity #dally #county17 #oilcity #shortgo #news