County votes to fund energy efficiency projects for Children's Learning Center, ice rink and CNG fueling station

(Teton County, Wyo.) - Yesterday at the Board of County Commissioners regular meeting, officials voted to fund energy efficiency upgrades for three different projects out of the Energy Mitigation Plan funds. Prior to the individual discussion and vote for each project, county administrator Deanna Harger stated that there are currently about $4.5 million in the fund that is designated to energy efficiency upgrades. Three projects were discussed: *1. Children's Learning Center* For the Children's Learning Center Mercill facility, the proposed energy efficient upgrades are predicted to make the building 40 percent more energy efficient than is required by current zoning. The plans include base LEAD certification, heat pump heating and cooling, LED lighting and an educational display on the building's energy efficiency. Officials stated that these changes will reduce natural gas usage by 95 percent and electric use by 10 percent. After discussion on this issue, County Commissioners voted 3 -2 to provide matching funds of $196,050 for the energy efficiency upgrades. *2. Energy Efficiency Upgrade at the Snow King Sports and Events Center* Officials asked for the county to consider using Energy Mitigation Plan funds to upgrade the ice making equipment at the Snow King Sports and Events Center. The Town of Jackson has already voted to support updating the ice making to an ammonia-based system, which is better on the environment. The County Commissioners unanimously approved to allocate $200,000 out of the fund for the new ice making machine. *3. Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station* Officials asked the County Commissioners in the meeting today to provide matching funds for the construction of a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in town. Phil Cameron, executive director for Energy Conservation Works explained that this will be a pilot project for the state and some of the large fleets in the county have been involved in the conversation. "This station puts us on the map, literally," said Cameron. A CNG fueling station also will allow fleets who regularly deliver to Jackson from Salt Lake City and elsewhere to send their natural gas vehicles here. The Town of Jackson requested $214,668 in matching funds for the publicly owned CNG station and the funds were approved unanimously by the Board of County Commissioners. *Feature Photo: h/t Snow King Sports and Events Center / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news