200 Jackson bison harvested during 5 month long hunting season

(Jackson, Wyo.) - January 15 marked the end of another bison hunting season for the Jackson region of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WFGD). The season, which runs from August 15 through January 15, is the longest hunting season in the region. According to the WGFD, Jackson Region game wardens and biologists spend countless days throughout the season monitoring bison movements, assisting hunters and generally managing the hunt. Game and Fish officials state that the Jackson Bison herd has been well above the 500 animal population objective for many years, estimated at roughly 800 in 2015. Jackson game and fish managers report that this season, hunters harvested just under 200 bison, which should nudge the population a little closer towards the population objective, even when considering there will probably be about 175 calves born this coming May. *Feature Photo: Photo by Erni / Shutterstock / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #blaze