Family Literacy Program loses state funding, Teton Literacy Center lobbies for community action

(Jackson, Wyo.) - This week, the Wyoming Joint Appropriations Committee voted to defund Family Literacy programs throughout the state. "The decision for defunding Wyoming Family Literacy seemed to be based on the housing organization, Wyoming Community College Commission," said Laura West Soltau, executive director for the Teton Literacy Center (TLC). "It seems that the committee thinks that all early childhood and family literacy programs should be housed through one state agency, which makes sense, but it will take at least two years to get that in place. Thus, in the meantime, the nine sites across the state will lose funding." TLC has three main programs -- enrichment, tutoring and family literacy. The funding cut will only impact the family literacy program. Currently, the family literacy program at TLC includes intensive kindergarten readiness, afterschool programs and homework support for school age students, parent workshops, parent Education - ABE/ESL/GED, and parent and child together time (PACT). The program serves 35 families, 46 parents, and 83 children. [image: Inline image 1][image: Inline image 2] According to TLC, defunding the Family Literacy program could impact children of Teton County as early as this summer. Since this decision was made, TLC is asking for community members who have been impacted by the literacy center to advocate for the Family Literacy Program by voicing their concerns to local representatives and senators. Read more about how to help on the TLC Facebook page . *Feature Photo: h/t Teton Literacy Center / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news