Council reaches agreement with Walgreens to execute slide fix analysis and design

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today, the Town of Jackson Council voted unanimously to approve the letter agreement with Walgreens to perform a stability analysis and design to fix the hill above the former Walgreens building. "We think this is a positive step and recommend that you sign the agreement on behalf of this town," said Town Manager Bob McLaurin during the Town Council workshop today. In the scope of work, Walgreens has agreed to pay Landslide Technology $25,000 to provide specialized landslide geotechnical services to include a stability analysis for the easterly portion of the Budge Slide. Additionally, Walgreens will pay $27,500 to Nelson Engineering to perform a topographic survey of the Walgreens/Bencor property to determine the existing site topography and prepare preliminary design drawings of recommended landslide mitigations on easterly portion of the landslide. "I want to get this project done," said Councilman Don Frank during the meeting. With no public comment on the issue, Town Council voted unanimously to execute the analysis and design work. The agreement does not include the actual fix of the hill, but just the analysis and design. Read the town documents and Walgreens letter of agreement here. *Feature Photo: The former Walgreens in Jackson. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news