Local officials save concussed owl

(Jackson, Wyo.) - A local owl got a second chance at life after being rescued by local officials. Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) Jackson Wildlife Coordinator Doug Brimeyer came upon this great-horned owl standing in the middle of Highway 89 south of Jackson on the evening of January 6. According to the WGFD, the owl was not flying away despite the traffic, so Brimeyer picked it up and took it to the Teton Raptor Center in Jackson for rehabilitation. The owl didn't have any broken bones, but showed signs of head trauma. After a couple weeks under their care, they determined the owl was ready to be released back to it's original home. The owl was released on Monday, January 25. *Feature Photo: **Watching the owl take flight are Sarah Ramirez from the Teton Raptor Center (left), Doug Brimeyer with WY Game & Fish (right) and his daughter Ashley Brimeyer. h/t Mark Gocke / WFGD / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news