Wyoming man teaches Russian ranchers the 'cowboy way'

(Wyoming) - We all know that Wyoming farmers and ranchers are among the best in the world, but now the Russians are working to tap into that expertise. Yesterday, the New York Times profiled Ashley Chester Corlett, a Riverton man who traveled to Russian to help new Russian ranchers learn the ways of the American cowboy. He is one of several ranchers hired by the Miratorg company to train ranchers on its 51 farms. The New York Times reports that new ranches and farms are cropping up due to the dropping oil prices and sanctions against purchasing Western food products. "It chose them over Brazilians and Australians in large part because of the similarity between the climate in Wyoming and central Russia, where temperatures can drop to 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (minus 29 Celsius)," the article states. According to the article, the Russians are in awe of the American work ethic. "'We come to work and they already drive a herd somewhere. Americans are very hard-working,' said Viktor I. Golanov, 37, who worked as a butcher, in a typical comment," states the article. Read the full New York Times article "Russians Learn the Ways of the Cowboy From American Ranch Hands." *Feature Photo: Riverton's Ashley Chester Corlett. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #county10 #county17 #dally #shortgo #reboot #oilcity #springcity #news